lime (development version) Unreleased

lime 0.5.2 2021-02-24

  • Fixed use of order() on data.frame objects
  • Moved htmlwidgets, shiny, and shinythemes to suggests

lime 0.5.1 2019-11-12

  • Fixed namespace import from glmnet following changes there

lime 0.5.0 2019-06-24

  • explain() will now pass ... on to the relevant predict() method (#150)
  • gains a gower_pow argument to modify the calculated gower distance before use by raising it to the power of the given value (#158)
  • Fixed a bug when calculating R^2 on single feature explanations (@pkopper, #157)
  • Fixed formatting of text prediction html presentation (#145)
  • Fixed a bug when setting feature select method to “none” (#141)
  • Changes default colouring from green-red to blue-red (#137)
  • lime() now warns when quantile binning is not feasible and uses standard binning instead (#154)
  • Changed the lambda value in the local model fit to match the one used in the Python version according to the relationship given here:
  • Added pkgdown site at
  • Fixed a bug when using a proprocessor with data.frame explanations

lime 0.4.1 2018-11-21

  • Add build-in support for parsnip and ranger
  • Add preprocess argument to to keep it in line with the other types. Use it to transform your data.frame into a new input that your model expects after permutations
  • magick is now only in suggest to cut down on heavy hard dependencies
  • explain now returns a tbl_df so you get pretty printing if you have tibble loaded
  • When plotting regression explanations of non-binned features the feature weight is now multiplied by its value
  • More consistent support for keras
  • Fix bug when xgboost was used with with default objective
  • Better errors when handling bad models
  • plot_features now has a cases argument for subsetting the data before plotting

lime 0.4 Unreleased

  • Add support for image explanation. The dispatch will be on paths pointing to valid image files. Image explanations can be visualised using plot_image_explanation (#35)
  • Add support for neural networks from the keras package
  • Add as_classifier() and as_regressor() for ad-hoc specification of the model type in case the heuristic implemented in lime doesn’t hold. as_classifier() also lets you add/overwrite the class labels.
  • Use gower as the new default similarity measure for tabular data
  • If bin_continuous = FALSE the default behavior is now to sample from a kernel density estimation rather than assume a normal distribution.
  • Fix bug when numeric features in the training data were constant (#56)
  • Fix bug when plotting regression explanations with plot_explanations() (#60)
  • Logical columns in tabular data is now supported (#75)
  • Overhaul of plot_text_explanation() with better formatting and scrolling support for many explanations
  • All plots now show the fit of the explainer so the user can assess the quality of the explanation

lime 0.3.1 2017-11-24

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Fixed bug when explaining regression models, due to drop=TRUE defaults (#33)
  • Integer features are no longer converted to numeric during permutations (#32)
  • Fix bug when working with xgboost and tabular predictions (@martinju #1)
  • Training data can now contain NA values (#8)
  • Keep ordering when plotting with plot_features() (#38)
  • Fix support for mlr by extracting predictions correctly
  • Added support for h2o (@mdancho84) (#40)
  • Throws meaningful error when all permutations have 0 similarity to original observation (#47)
  • Explaining data can now contain NA values (#45)
  • Support for Date and POSIXt columns. They will be kept constant during permutations so that lime will explain the model behaviour at the given timepoint based on the remaining features (#39).
  • Add plot_explanations() for an overview plot of a large explanation set